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Anonymous said:

In response to the anon question. Not Chi/Det but I'm a female fan of both Chicago & St. Louis. I'm a fan of the Hawks organization (fav team in league for playing style) & became a Blues fan when my favorite player in the league was traded there. However, in the past year I've began to love the St. Louis Organization because of their work ethic, style of play, as well as the individual players. I think it's different with each fan. Though I don't know why my gender has anything to do with it.

I think perhaps the anon mentioned gender because they’ve only seen it in female fans. I’ve yet to see a male fan be a fan of both rival teams, but I have seen female fans. Mentioning gender still isn’t really necessary. I kind of relate to it because I’m a devils and islanders fan, and they’re rivals. Hate the rangers though.


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I wonder if girls who claim to be fans of two teams in a rival actually are fans of both franchises, or are just fans or certain players. Detroit/Chicago fangirls, I'm looking at you.

I think its possible, because I’ve seen weirder in the hockey fandom, but I don’t quite understand it myself. Theres a picture of someone wearing a habs shirt but a bruins cap floating around, that reminds me of it.


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mcfondled said:

So much of the stuff you've posted recently has needed to be tagged as hate and I think that says a lot about the hockey community here on tumblr, let's just all enjoy watching a bunch of dudes beating the hell out of each other while strapped to knife blades and flying around at 200kmp/h

I usually overtag because there are varying sensitivities on here. But regardless of that there is a lot of hate. I agree, less hate more hockey watching!


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not a confession but what is the deal with this ice girl issue going around?

basically people are upset with the skimpy stuff they are made to wear, the poor treatment they experience, and the overall reason for why they are there.

seems like the ice girl experience differs across different teams. the LA kings seem to have the most outrageous ice girls thing going, theres a post floating around criticizing their actions pretty deeply.

luckily some teams are trying at least. the flyers got rid of all the girls and replaced them with guys (not a great move, we don’t want them fired just appropriately dressed..) the blackhawks gave their ice girls shorts instead of shorter skirts (At least thats probably more comfortable for them).

I think its just become a main focal point of female fans trying to get the game to be more equality friendly across the board. 


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Anonymous said:

I'm sad for the loss of 24/7 mostly because we won't get to hear Ovie call Chicago "Shitcago" this year.

24/7 isn’t lost, its just not gonna be on HBO. 


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